SUPERMETRIC is a communication design firm. We define the term as a mixed discipline that designs how people experience information. The process involves strategic business thinking, utilizing research, creativity and problem solving. The results can be found online, in physical spaces or on the printed page. That’s a lot for a small team but it’s also what makes us different from other firms that specialize in one particular service. It makes us more like a big firm in that we can handle your project from start to finish, except we’re easier to work with. Super is the new big, I’m sure you’ve heard.

Speaking of metric, where does that name come from? From precision, as in getting it right down to the millimeter. From having a system that includes the details and the big picture. And from a sense of humor. We pride ourselves in working hard to get it right: to look right, to work right, and to be right for your business.

The firm was founded by three Germans who came to New York years ago. We had to adapt, we had to figure things out and we’d like to help you do that with your business problem too. It’s a different world out there, I’m sure you’ve heard.

SUPERMETRIC believes in the crucial role of an integrated approach in creating highly functional and engaging design solutions. The multi-disciplinary skill sets held by the three partners are testament to this belief. Sidney Blank, whose background is in architecture provides the strategic and conceptual framework upon which each project is based. Marco Raab serves as the firm’s creative director and is responsible for the team’s detail-oriented aesthetic. Olaf Kreitz provides extensive technical planning and development experience based on over 10 years of working internationally in the software and web development industry on top of holding an MBA.

The firm is primarily driven by an interest in how people experience and interact with information. This has led to a body of work that has a strong emphasis in web design and development but extends to include printed and three dimensional work.